Thursday, August 16, 2012

Long Time, No Post. (^_^; )

Hello everyone!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in so many months, life has been extremely busy. But, I’m back now and I plan to post a lot more often! First I’ll start with filling you in on what’s been happening~~
In March I went to Sakura-con with my friends. Sakura-con is a yearly Japanese Anime and Manga convention in Seattle. ~Below is a picture of us all dressed in our cosplay, looking out the window of our hotel room~ I was cosplaying as Eruka Frog from Soul Eater. It was so fun~~

While I was there I went Lolita dress shopping.

But everything was so expensive...
Also, my hair went from its usual pink to blue to blond to purple and back to pink again.
~Below: Me, holding Hello Panda candy~ 

~I have to say, I like it pink the best~ 

I went on a Lolita outing and saw the cherry blossoms in bloom.
Me and some friends had an art show and these were some of the snacks we served.
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
This is my super cute doggie Momo! In Japanese Momo means peach. (^o^)

Thanks so much for reading!!
~There will be a lot more posts coming very soon~  
                                Nari Chan

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